SA demarcation laws under the spotlight

The South African demarcation laws are again under the spotlight.

This as the municipal demarcation board is hosting a two day conference starting on Thursday on the impact of the current legislation.

Some decisions by the board have been heavily criticised and have led to protracted violent protests.

Chairperson of the municipal demarcation board Jane Thupane says: “17 years since the board was established I think that it is time that we take a step backwards. And reflect and look at the lessons and challenges and see how best we can map the future.”

The conference forms part of a two year programme, where the board will take in submissions and make policy review proposals.

Over the past 17 years the board has managed to reduce the country’s municipalities or local authorities from 800 to just over 200.

In the process, areas have become more integrated but at times, the board has had to face the full wrath of communities.

In Vuwani, community members are refusing to be amalgamated with Malamulele to create a new municipality.

However residents are now challenging the decision at the Constitutional Court.


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