IEC invites media to witness signing of Code of Conduct

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) will be hosting the signing of the Electoral Code of Conduct in Sandton, north of Johannesburg on June 22. 


The proclamation of the elections on 23 May 2016 triggered the application of provisions of the electoral code of conduct issued in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act 27 of 2000.

The provisions of the code are binding on political parties, their leaders, office bearers, candidates and supporters.

The code also places a positive obligation on the leaders of political parties to counsel their members and supporters to conduct themselves in a manner that is not inimical to the code.

The IEC’s Provincial Electoral Officer, Masego Sheburi says, “Our country will conduct general elections of Municipal Councils on 03 August 2016, following proclamation by the Minister responsible for Co-operative governance. Elections are a salient act of democratic expression and participation. They thus represent the cornerstone of our democratic edifice.”

In a democracy premised on plurality of political views it is important therefore, that elections take place in an atmosphere and climate of calm, peace and tolerance.

“Whilst political parties are bound by the code in law, it is equally important that provincial leaders of parties make a public pledge to upholding the code and thus cultivating conditions and a climate consistent with democratic elections,” Sheburi explained.

In order to contribute to a climate that is conducive to the holding of free and fair elections, the Electoral Commission has organised an event for the signing of Electoral Code of Conduct to which media is invited.



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