Court ruling proves IEC acted in good faith: Moepya

Chief Electoral Officer of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Mosotho Moepya says the the IEC is relieved by Constitutional Court ruling on voters’ addresses.

The Constitutional Court on Tuesday ruled that the IEC’s failure to record all available voters’ addresses on the voters roll is inconsistent with the rule of law obligations and is invalid.

Despite this, the court ruled that the August 3 elections could proceed and gave the IEC 18 months to get its systems in order.

Speaking on Morning Live, Moepya says the IEC confronted the court to get the clarity that it has now received.

Moepya say the court reaffirmed that the IEC acted in good faith and merely misunderstood some things.

IEC officials will visit Tlokwe shortly to sort out issues with the municipality’s voter’s roll after the constitutional court ruled last year that the 2013 by-elections were not free and fair.

Moepya say the IEC is working every day to sort address issues out nationally and the number of unknown addresses has decreased significantly in recent weeks.

“I think, given this situation that we now face, all of us are clear on what we need to do. We have the time that we have been given to do it, we will be reporting to the court in the periods that the court has indicated and for us I think these are adequate measures.”


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