Constitutional Court to rule on voters’ roll matter

The Constitutional Court is on Tuesday due to hand down judgment in a case which could have serious implications for the voters’ roll ahead of the August 03 municipal elections.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) brought the urgent application after the Electoral Court set aside the voters’ roll for by-elections in the Tlokwe Municipality in the North West.

The IEC had been unable to verify the addresses for some 4000 voters.

The initial case against the IEC was brought by six independent candidates from Tlokwe in the North West after they complained that the electoral authority had failed to provide them with a complete voters roll.

The lawyer for the African National Congress (ANC), Gilbert Marcus, says, “How does this court assess what it was that the IEC did- having received that complaint? The test has got to be one of reasonableness, not one of perfection. A perfect voters’ roll might be aspirational, but it is simply unrealistic and probably does not exist anywhere in the world. Did the IEC take reasonable measures?”



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