Political parties contesting the Local Government Elections 2016

The use of a random draw to select the party which will top the ballot paper has been practised for all elections over the past 21 years of democracy in South Africa.

The Patriotic Alliance will be the first party on the ballot papers in five of the eight metropolitan municipalities in the country. This is after the Independent Electoral Commission’s draw on Wednesday.

The Patriotic Alliance will be top on the ballots in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, Tshwane Metro, Ekurhuleni, City of Cape Town and City of Johannesburg where the Pan Africanist Movement is not contesting.

The Pan Africanist Movement will top the Proportional Representation ballot papers in all the municipalities where it is contesting in the 2016 Local Government Elections (LGE).

However, in the municipalities where it is not contesting, all the other parties will follow in alphabetical order.

See below for an infographic on the political parties contesting the LGE 2016.




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