SABC launches a one stop Municipal Election shop

The SABC has just launched its municipal elections website. This provides citizens with the best of what SABC radio, TV and Digital news teams have to offer on the upcoming local government elections.


The ANC says a united force with its alliance partners is imperative and of more importance ahead of the local municipal elections. Picture:SABC


The website offers a host of options ranging from the latest election stories to voter education and analysis.

Digital Media Specialist at SABC Digital News, Siyabonga Africa, says that the goal for this election website is to provide up to the minute comprehensive information to the public.

“As the public broadcaster we have a mandate to provide information, inform and educate the public and so with this website it was more than just to inform about the numbers but also educate on the go.“

The site includes voter information and everything you need to exercise your vote. It is possible to find out whether you are registered and by simply inserting your ID number, you can find out the exact address of where to vote.


WATCH: SABC launches one stop Municipal Election shop

Izak Minnaar, SABC Digital News Editor explains that the site is fully mobile friendly and that the aim is to inform the electorate about the elections and expose them to all the parties and their campaigns.

“It will be possible for instances not only to see a National and Provincial overview but to go into your metro results, go into your town, city results, and you can see in the Race for Votes for instance as the ballots get counted – exactly the different party standings. You will then be looking at the race for seats, so how many seats different parties obtained. There’s information about the candidates and eventually it will show the new power balance on local government level in one broad view.”

Tegan Bedser, Digital Media Specialist for SABC Digital News, says that the site hosts the best of what the SABC has to offer from the Radio, Television and Digital news platforms. “Some of the features included on the site are things like live blog where you get the latest developments and rolling coverage of what’s happening with the elections, until election week hits we have the 2011 results available on the site so that users can have a look at how it stands from the previous elections.”

Minnaar explains that people would be able to get their election news and information on the go. “It is possible on the mobile to see as the news develops also when the results start coming out you will be able to get real time results on the web, on your mobile phone, you will be able to see as the results are coming in and how the parties are faring.”

Africa says that the site is completely comprehensive, from not only just informing the public on the numbers but helping you understand any potential realities that may happen once the numbers have been tallied up.

“The website is the one stop shop for all your elections information and on top of just reporting the numbers as they go we also have newsgames we have other interactive elements so people will not only know what’s happening as the voting numbers are being reported in but they can also actually play off the numbers actually have an idea of what would happen if the ANC won this ward or the DA won that ward or whatever the case may be.”

The Digital team have been working on the website for the past six months and with the help of Computer Foundation, CSRI, Code for Africa and scores of departments at the SABC, the website is now live and ready to be your one stop to all news and developments surrounding the Local Government Elections 2016.


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