Address verifications issues are complicated: North West ANC

The African National Congress (ANC) in the North West says the issue of voters having verified addresses when they register to vote, is a complicated one.

The date for the Local Government Elections may be pushed back to August to allow the Independent Electoral Commission enough time to allocate addresses to thousands of voters who do not have addresses.

Thabo Mosiane from the ANC in the North West says there should be landmarks in areas where there are no addresses recognised by law, like informal settlements.

“We got our representatives in the IEC in a structure called the PLC and they have agreed that there are places not proclaimed by law as proper areas and therefore will not have addresses and it was agreed that there will be landmarks that indicate this is where I stay so that the IEC can verify that indeed this person is staying there,” says Mosiane.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has raised concerns about the IEC’s decision to not ask for proof of address as mandatory, when registering to vote.

Voter registration is currently underway across the country, but the IEC is yet to ask the Constitutional Court for clarity with regards to a recent judgment that highlighted the importance of providing proof of address.

The DA’s Chris Hattingh says they do not support the IEC’s decision.

“We have reason to be concerned because of what was clearly collusion between the ANC and the IEC in the 2013 elections and there are court judgments in that the addresses is very important. I cannot understand the IEC saying it is not important because the Electoral Act of 16 put the obligation on the IEC to provide addresses, they have not done so,” says Hattingh.



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