Tlokwe opposition parties boycott council meeting

Joint opposition parties in the Tlokwe Municipal Council in Potchefstroom in the North West, have boycotted a special council meeting which was scheduled for Friday.

The meeting was convened by the speaker to discuss the municipality’s budget adjustment.

The joint opposition parties wanted to set an agenda for the sitting, for them to pass a motion of no confidence in the mayor and the speaker.

However, the speaker disallowed this.

Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor in the municipality, Advocate Jurie Moolman, elaborates: “Our reason for this is primarily that we are against what will be tabled, for the fact that we already disapproved our annual budget when it was dealt with in the beginning of the financial year. Apart from that, the meeting that has been called for is a total disregard of what the Constitutional Court in paragraph 120 to 127 in a matter between Kham and others and the IEC stated to be the majority.”

Spokesperson for the independent candidates, David Kham says the African National Congress (ANC) needs to get a taste of its own medicine.

“We are not a playing ground for the ANC. They claimed that they are a majority and their judge helped them to break the law. So today, they must taste their own medicine. That is the point we are making. We did not abandon our judicial responsibility.”



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