Ramaphosa welcomes Zuma’s message encouraging people to vote ANC

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa says while he has not seen the video of former President Jacob Zuma, encouraging people to vote for the ANC, he welcomes the message from the former president.
He was speaking on the side of the campaign trail in Umbumbulu south of Durban. The JG Zuma Foundation released the video on social media last week.
In it, Zuma says while he might also be not satisfied with some things, he will still vote.

Ramaphosa says the Zuma family has been given the space to care for him. He’s wished the former President a speedy recovery.

“I haven’t seen the video that you are talking about, former president Zuma encouraging voters to vote I would expect him as a loyal member of the ANC and as a former leader of the ANC yes to encourage our voters to vote. I welcome that, he has not been well when a person is not well obviously you want to give the family space to take due care over him and that is exactly what we are doing but as we have often said we wish former President Jacob Zuma well and we want him to recover and to regain his strength and his health.”

ANC President Ramaphosa on campaign trail in KZN:

Candidate list objections

 Ramaphosa says investigations into a number of objections regarding the party’s candidate selection process are under way.  Ramaphosa says they will only be able to resolve the matter after the elections.

South Africa goes to the polls in local government elections on the first of November. Earlier in Folweni where Ramaphosa was campaigning, a scuffle broke out between ANC members over the issue. He was able to calm matters. The ANC leader has urged party members to vote for candidates already on the ballot papers.

“The issues of the choice of candidates is an issue that the NEC has resolved that we should resolve it after the elections. We are going to go ahead with the candidates that are on the ballot paper right now because there is nothing we can do to change that right now and after these elections, we promised communities that we are going to go back and investigate each one and in fact investigations are already under way in a number of areas in our country where we are already looking very deeply at what happened.”

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