Political Party: African Peoples Convention

The African People’s Convention (APC) was formed in September 2007 floor-crossing window when Themba Godi, the former deputy president of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) – launched the APC taking with him two of the PAC’s seats in the National Assembly.

Mofihli Likotsi, the party’s general secretary was the other PAC member to jump ship to the APC.

The party advocates Africanism, socialism and Pan-Africanism, positioning itself as a party of the left.

In the 2009 elections, the party secured 0.20% support or one seat. In the 2016 local government elections, the party won 84 579 votes (0.22%).

In the 2014 national and provincial general elections, the APC won just 0.17% of the vote – enough to get it a single seat in the National Assembly. It will lose its seat in 2019.


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