DA denies claims popularity is declining due to controversial Phoenix posters

DA leader John Steenhuisen and party members seen at a campaign event in the Northern Cape SABC News

DA leader John Steenhuisen has dismissed claims that the party’s popularity is declining due to the controversial poster that was put up in Phoenix, north of Durban, and subsequently removed after public outcry.

DA insiders have told the media that Steenhuisen’s position as party leader may be under threat.

There was internal opposition to the posters, while federal executive members also rejected them.

About 36 people were killed in Phoenix in alleged racially motivated attacks during the July unrest.

Steenhuisen says the party will surprise many in the upcoming elections.

“We are continuing to focus on service delivery and our message to get our message done. I find it very odd that anyone would have seen that polling. Also, it is kept secret. Whoever is leaking should learn to leak accurately. Whatever they are leaking is inaccurate it is certainly not what it is. I’m actually happy for the media and the leakers to release polling that shows a downwards trend because we will surprise everyone on election day when this party gets things done.”

LGE 2021 | Reaction to DA’s controversial election poster: Sandile Swana

Zille on the posters that were put up in Phoenix

Earlier this week, DA Federal Council Chairperson Helen Zille refused to denounce the electioneering posters of her party in Phoenix.  

Zille says she will not accept the scapegoating of minorities by government.

“I reject the majority scapegoating by the minority. I reject cut the throat of whiteness. I reject kill the Boer. I reject things like saying all Indians are racist because it is those kinds of things that lead to things like the Rwanda genocide and the holocaust. The majority government is failing every single person in this country. They cannot fulfill their most basic responsibilities of keeping people safe.” 

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