DA will win at least four metros: Steenhuisen

DA leader, John Steenhuisen says he is confident that they will win at least four major metros in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

He was speaking in Cape Town where the party unveiled a new television advert and plans to ramp up its election campaign.

Steenhuisen says they will definitely hold on to the City of Cape Town. He added that their main aim will be on improving service delivery in poor areas such as informal settlements.

“We are focusing on the DA this time around. In the past election, we have been focusing on the ANC, showing how bad the party is. Everyone knows how bad the ANC is and they want answers how to get out of the situation again. Our manifesto sets out very clearly our blueprint … how you can save your time and get out of a terrible situation and get your municipality working again under a government that cares about the people and cares about service delivery.”

LGE 2021 | Democratic Alliance on the campaign trail in Cape Town:

DA mayoral candidate for Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis, says the party wants to stabilise the local economy in order to create jobs.

“We can take Cape Town to the next level. Cape Town is already the city in the country that works the best. It is most functional; it is moving forward while other cities are sliding backwards and we are saying we need the opportunity to continue that forward progress, but to go in even further to protect our citizens from the failing state.”

He says the party will visit every ward in the province to canvass support.

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