De Lille optimistic ahead of GOOD party’s first election

Leader of the GOOD Party, Patricia de Lille says she is expecting her party to perform well in its first participation in the local government elections.

The party, which was founded in 2018, will contest elections in five provinces.

On  Monday, De Lille was in Kimberley, in the Northern Cape, where she asked residents to give the party a chance.

The party’s mayoral candidate for the Sol Plaatje Municipality, Elizabeth Johnson, reiterated De Lille’s plea.

“Well as a new party, I’m very happy with the growth of the party. I think that we are ready to participate in the local government elections. We are not coming to blame anybody; we are coming with a plan on how to fix things. So we are bringing solutions. So, we are asking the people of the Northern Cape, please lend us your vote just for five years and if we don’t perform after five years, you can take your vote away,” says Johnson.

Meanwhile, during the campaign trail in the province, residents in Greenpoint asked De Lille to change their living conditions for the better if she secures seats.

They also asked for the GOOD Party to ensure service delivery, not only in Greenpoint but in the whole of Kimberley.

In the video below, De Lille campaigns in the Northern Cape

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