Dr Suliman urges vigilance during LGE campaigning to prevent COVID-19 fourth wave

Senior researcher at the CSIR Dr Ridhwaan Suliman has warned that the country could face a fourth wave of the coronavirus towards the end of the year as vigilance is required as political parties campaign ahead of the November first local government elections.

This comes as the Democratic Alliance (DA) accuses the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of breaking COVID-19 protocols by having more than 500 people attend its election manifesto launch in central Johannesburg.

Dr Suliman has warned that mass gatherings could become coronavirus super spreader events.

DA calls for review of EFF manifesto launch event

The DA has called on Police Minister Bheki Cele and the IEC Chairperson Glen Mashinini to lodge a joint review of what the DA says appeared to be blatant illegal campaigning by the EFF during its manifesto launch in central Johannesburg.

The DA says in a statement that the EFF showed no regard for the rule of law in what the DA says was the flouting of COVID-19 protocols at the launch.

The DA says it is clear more than 500 people gathered for the EFF event and it was, therefore, an illegal gathering.

DA Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone, “It cannot be that one political party can flagrantly break election rules and have no consequences to their actions. If the Democratic Alliance had done this I can guarantee you we would have received a letter saying you are breaking regulations and you are going to be disqualified from the elections. How is it possible that the EFF has Bheki Cele so far down their back pocket that he hasn’t already sent a group of police to disperse the crowds?”

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