EFF on a campaign trail in Thabazimbi and Bela-Bela

Some residents of Thabazimbi in the Waterberg District in Limpopo where Economic Freedom Fighter leader Julius Malema is campaigning have complained of unemployment, sewage spills and a lack of water.

A coalition of the Democratic Alliance, EFF, Freedom Front Plus and the Thabazimbi Residents’ Association runs the mining town.

Thirty-year-old Kabelo Molefe is an engineering student in the area.

“When you need a job they need money, they tell you you that you must provide something so that they can provide you with a job. We suffer with water, we suffer with sewage. Right now, there is no water and if there is water coming from the tap, it is very dirty, the roads are not in proper state.”

LGE 2021 I EFF leader Julius Malema is taking the party’s election campaign to Thabazimbi in Limpopo:

‘Mining companies will be required to invest in infrastructure should the EFF win the elections’

Malema says if his party wins in the upcoming local government elections in the Sekhukhune district in Limpopo, they will require the mining companies operating in the area to invest in infrastructure development.

Addressing supporters at Apel Sports Center at Ga Nkwana outside Jane Furse on Saturday, Malema said it pained him to see that the area was surrounded by mines, but unemployment was high and the area remained underdeveloped.

“We were supposed to be having top schools here in the Sekhukhune district. The Sekhukhune college was supposed to be one of the top, higher learning centers, and the area deserved to have a university. The minerals you have here were supposed to be paying for all that. You are rich in minerals but your children here are unemployed.”

EFF leader Julius Malema begins his three-day Limpopo electioneering campaign:

Meanwhile, EFF election spokesperson, Leigh-Ann Mathys says the party will still sign the Code of Conduct pledge at the IEC offices. The EFF was absent when other political parties signed the pledge on Friday.  

Mathys is with Malema, campaigning in the Waterberg District of Limpopo.

“We are busy guys. We hit the ground running. It was not really a snub. All our officials had to go to their provinces to do the election work. So, we have options to sign that pledge. I mean the EFF ‘serves’ by the Code of Conduct for elections. The problem we have is the ANC that never does, and nothing ever happens to them. And then the IEC are the biggest hypocrites. Up to this day, they have never dealt with the vandalism that happened at polling stations, not only in the KZN; even here in Limpopo, where two voting stations were shut down in one of the municipalities for the whole weekend.” 

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