Malema criticises the ANC government for failing to maintain infrastructure in Mahikeng

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the African National Congress (ANC) should be ashamed to call Mahikeng the provincial capital city of the North West.

Malema was addressing supporters at an election rally in the city.

Malema on the water issues in the North West:

The EFF leader has criticised the ANC government for failing to maintain infrastructure built by the administration under the former Bophuthatswana leader, Kgosi Lucas Mangope.

During Malema’s visit, some residents expressed their dissatisfaction about the lack of services under the current ruling party.

“We are very delighted for the visit by Mr Malema in Mahikeng. There is no progress and development in our area, but we vote every five years. We don’t have water and proper roads,” says a disgruntled resident.

“Our young people are unemployed. Our roads are in a bad state. There’s lack of water, the elderly don’t have houses, proper toilets,” says another.

Malema criticised the ANC government for failing to govern properly.

” This place under Mangope, it was very beautiful. Everywhere where Mangope was governing, there was a proper tar road. They did not have to do anything, they were supposed to maintain the infrastructure. It has dilapidated, it’s rotten to the core.”

The EFF leader says the ANC should be ashamed to call Mahikeng the provincial capital city.

” Nothing shows that this place is a capital city. If it is a capital city, it’s a capital city of corruption. A capital city of potholes. A capital city of dirty water, a capital city of permanent infighting. People fighting whose next in line to steal from the poor.”

Malema has appealed to Mahikeng residents to give his party a chance by voting for it in the November elections.

“Just give us a chance here in Mahikeng, we will turn this place upside down. We are taking Mahikeng back to its former glory we want it to shine once more. It’s all in your hands. The youth, the fighters, door to door let’s not be scared of anyone. People of North West are ready to move, they are waiting for you ground forces to come to them and show them direction. If you lose this municipality it will not be because North West people hate you, it will be because you are lazy to work.”

The EFF election campaign in the North West, will be concluded on Sunday in the JB Marks municipality in Potchefstroom.


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