Mpumalanga musician urges community to vote for him, promises to use his salary for development

A musician turned independent candidate, Ndzundza Matjhiga, has promised to work with the community to better their lives in the upcoming elections.

Matjhiga is a Ndebele Traditional music artist.

The local government elections are set to take place on  1 November 2020 in South Africa.

Matjhiga, who would be contesting the election in Ward 9 Kameelrivier, under Dr JS Moroka, in Mpumalanga, says he will use his own salary to develop the community.

“The community must go out to vote for me in Ward 9 in Dr JS Moroka. I will be using my salary as a councillor in some small services. I would not worry to use my salary in upgrading roads. The salary that I said I would contribute to the public, I would be using to install boreholes in the community where I stay. On the 1st of November, people should go and vote for me as an independent candidate,” says Matjhiga .

There are more independent candidates for this election:

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