PODCAST: Zooming into Your Community Part 1: Hammanskraal, Gauteng

Hammanskraal – a small town in the north of Gauteng – falls under the City of Tshwane Municipality. It has a population of over 21 000 people according to the latest Census.

Hammanskraal consists of urban and rural settlements with multiple residential, industrial and commercial areas in a decentralised settlement pattern.

There are some 6 271 households and 21.1% of them live in informal dwellings.

Almost 32% of the residents have completed Matric or higher education while 29% are unemployed.

Water supply has been an issue in the area. The demand for water has surpassed the number of taps – resulting in the use of tankers to service people’s needs in the area.

In 2019, water tests conducted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research found that the water in the area was unsafe for human consumption because of traces of E. coli and nitrates caused by sewerage outflows from the Rooiwal Wastewater Treatment Works into the Apies River, then to Leeuwkraal Dam – the main water supply to Hammanskraal.

In this weekly feature, SABC News captures the voices of communities about their experience with service delivered by their municipality. This week, Digital News producer Lebo Tshangela speaks to the community leader and residents in Hammanskraal.

Podcast below:

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