PODCAST: Zooming into Your Community Part 2: Gugulethu, Western Cape


With a population of just over 98 000 people, Gugulethu is a township in the Western Cape, which falls under the City of Cape Town Municipality.

It has about 29 577 households, 97% of households use electricity for lighting in their dwelling.

The township’s unemployment rate is 39.66%. 37% of those aged 20 years and older have completed Grade 12 or higher and 71% of households have a monthly income of R3 200.

8 783 people still use bucket toilets, some 216 have no access to piped water and 13 925 live in informal dwellings.

In this weekly feature, SABC News captures the voices of communities about their experience with service delivered by their municipality. This week, Digital News producer Lebo Tshangela speaks to the community leader and residents in Gugulethu.

Below is the full podcast:

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