Steenhuisen urges Northern Cape residents refrain to from voting for parties that failed to deliver services

DA leader John Steenhuisen addresses a crowd during an election campaign. SABC News

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen says Northern Cape residents should refrain from voting for parties that have failed to provide them with water, electricity and other services.

He says they should not fall for the African National Congress’ (ANC) empty promises. Steenhuisen was addressing party supporters in Upington ahead of the local government elections.

LGE 2021 | DA leader John Steenhuisen addresses supporters in Upington

He maintains the DA can address the plight faced by residents in the province and bring about the much-needed change. His visit to Upington coincides with that of ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa in Kimberley.

“Our manifesto does not make promises, it shows people what we are already doing where we have been given the opportunity to govern. We want to bring that blueprint to run towns and cities around South Africa to the David Kruiper municipality. Clean accountable governance for all and that gets things done for the people of the town not for the politicians. We are not like other political parties that come and make high promises and pie-in-the-sky proposals. We are saying we can focus on the basics, we have a blueprint to fix and would like the opportunity to govern here,” says Steenhuisen.

DA party leader, John Steenhuisen electioneering in Sasolburg


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