SA Metro: Mangaung

South Africa has eight metropolitan municipalities. Mangaung in the Free State was declared metro municipality after the 2011 local elections.
Some important towns and cities within South Africa’s eighth metropolitan city include Bloemfontein, Botshabelo, Mangaung, and Thaba Nchu.
The economy is strongly driven by the government sector, which has seen the fastest growth in the last five years as a result of increased government programmes in livelihoods improvement interventions.
The finance sector is the second-fastest-growing sector due to very active estate and construction activities. Small businesses have a major role to play in the Mangaung economy, in terms of employment creation, income generation, and output growth.


Mangaung has a population of 747 431, of which 83,3% are black African, 11,0% are white, 5,0% are coloured and 0.4% are classified as Indian/ Asian. The gender ratio is 51.5% female and 48.5% male.
Between 2001 and 2011, the metro registered a population growth of 1.47%.

Languages spoken

The main language profile of the metro includes Sesotho (51.9%), Afrikaans (15.8%), Setswana (12.3%), IsiXhosa (9.6%), and English (4.2%).
At present, this is the unemployment rate in the city:
Census 2011 data reveals also that 83.7% of the metro’s population live in ‘formal dwellings’; 60.7% were connected to a flush sewerage system; 78.9% has their refuse removed on a weekly basis; 46.1% had access to piped water inside their dwelling and 91.4% used electricity for lighting.


Bloemfontein, Botshabelo, Dewetsdorp, Mangaung, Soutpan, Thaba Nchu, Van Stadensrus, Wepener

Main economic sectors

Community services (35.3%), finance (26.8%), trade (16%), transport (11.8%), and manufacturing (3.5%).

Council’s seats

The current composition of the council’s 100-seats is: ANC 58, DA 27, EFF 9, AIC 2, VF PLUS 2, ANA 1, COPE 1
The mayor of the Mangaung metro municipality is Mrs Sarah Matawana Mlamleli.


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