• IEC expects to release election results by Sunday
  • The first result of the 2024 elections has been released from the Bizana Baptist Church in the Eastern Cape
  • With 20 voting districts declared, the ANC still tops the list of votes on the national ballot
  • Gauteng Police say 16 elections-related arrests have been made since the poll date proclamation
  • Counting of ballots continues, albeit slowly, as only 0.57% of Voting Districts have been declared (133 out of 23 293)
  • The majority of voting stations closed late last night due to long queues: IEC
Stalwarts vote, praise IEC for smooth elections

Stalwarts vote, praise IEC for smooth elections

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A number of stalwarts have come out to vote. They have also praised the Electoral Commission of South Africa for ensuring that the heavily contested elections take place.

Stakes are high as millions of eligible South Africans went to vote across the length and breadth of the country.

The prominent leaders who fought against Apartheid led by example and came out in numbers to vote.

Former President Thabo Mbeki voted at the Killarney Country Club in Johannesburg, the same polling station once used by former President Nelson Mandela.

Mbeki has appealed for political tolerance.  “It’s very important for all…leadership will play its role,” says Mbeki.

Video: 2024 Elections – ANC must renew itself: Mbeki

Anti-Apartheid activist Sophie de Bruyn also echoed the sentiment, saying people should abide by the law.

“I would appeal to all…in our country,”

Video: 2024 Elections – Sophie De Bruyn casts her vote

In these polls, one of the dominant issues among political parties has been the Palestine question.

Mbeki says the plight of Palestinians must not be forgotten. “There must be a solution…I think we must persist.”

Meanwhile, former Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, who once served as the Executive Director of United Nations Women, says this is such a critical moment for the country.

“It’s always a woman’s vote…these important laws.”

Video: 2024 Elections – Mlambo-Ngcuka says she hopes there will be no violence

Electoral observation teams are also on the ground monitoring electoral processes and now the focus will be on the results of the polls.

International observers praise the IEC

International observers praise the IEC

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The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) is hosting electoral observers from around the world, who are keenly observing its activities as today marks the second and final day of special voting, with general elections set for tomorrow.

The IEC has received praise for being one of the most successful electoral bodies globally and has been called upon to assist other nations in conducting free, fair, and credible elections.

Uganda’s Electoral Commission representative, Bukenya Paul, emphasized the collaborative relationship between the electoral bodies of Uganda and South Africa.

“We have come to observe the general elections here in South Africa. The election commission in Uganda and South Africa have been learning from each other and sharing experiences. There are a lot of things to learn about how the IEC has progressed in election management. So we are here for pure learning and to see how processes are managed and celebrate with South Africa on this landmark,” Paul stated.

Head of the political science department at Moscow University, Arthur Demchuk, highlighted the similarities between the electoral systems of South Africa and Russia.

“What I got today I got an impression that the electoral systems of South Africa and Russia are similar. For instance, half of our Parliament is elected with proportionate election. There are a lot of similarities. So we have very much in common and I think it is very important to keep in touch to maintain contacts and to try and improve our electoral systems with the help of exchange of experience,” Demchuk said.

2024 Elections | IEC hosts international observers

Political leaders commend those who voted in different SA missions

Political leaders commend those who voted in different SA missions

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The African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa has commended South Africans who voted in different South African missions around the world. Citizens living abroad have been casting their ballots in the 2024 elections.

The elections in South Africa take place on the 29th of this month, with special votes occurring in the two days before the national elections. The ANC president who was campaigning in KwaZulu-Natal says this is a clear demonstration that South Africans have heeded the call to exercise their right to vote.

“It’s really uplifting for our democracy that people are coming out in their thousands all over the world to go and vote in various places. And their vote is a support for our democracy,” says Ramaphosa.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it is happy to see many South Africans participating in democratic processes even though they are not in the country. DA abroad chairperson, Ludre Stevens says he’s thrilled to see democracy unfolding.

“More than 24 000 South Africans registered in London alone. Everyone is realizing that the elections are crucial.”

Video: 2024 Elections – South Africans abroad come out in their numbers to vote: Sophie Mokoena

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema says the youth came out in numbers to cast their ballots in different missions around the world. Malema says it is important that young people are participating in democratic processes.

“We are very happy that they have come out in their numbers and got to vote, and we hope they will do the right thing and vote for change. So we are happy and that tells you what’s going to happen on the 29th of May.”

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) has also weighed in on the voting abroad.

Commending the voters, party President, Velenkosini Hlabisa says: “I know many of people of South Africa who are living abroad most of them is because of some unhappiness. But it does not help to complain and don’t take an action. Let us all stand up and take action to fix our country.”

A significant turnout was reported in London, which has the largest number of eligible voters, exceeding 24 000.

Voting will continue in London on Sunday.

2024 Elections | Ex-pats voting abroad described as being true patriots:

Ramaphosa says he doesn’t foresee a coalition government

Ramaphosa says he doesn’t foresee a coalition government

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African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed confidence that his party will emerge victorious in the upcoming elections.

He says what he has sensed during his campaigns, people have shown trust in the ANC. He says majority of South Africans want to give the governing party another five years.

Ramaphosa says he doesn’t foresee a coalition government after May 29.

“In the past, six times (the ANC) has emerged with a real handsome majority. Now, where I am I feel, sense and smell that exactly the same thing is going to happen. I never think or dream or even contemplate a coalition. I really don’t. It is not even in my framework of thinking. It is just completely obliterated and a clear victory.”

Meanwhile, Ramaphosa says a coalition government will never work in South Africa and has failed in local administrations.

“Where coalitions have been crafted, where there is no clear majority party, they have been difficult. They have been almost completely unworkable and they have given us a specter or even not wanting to have a coalition government. And this has also been experienced by our people,” says Ramaphosa.

SA expats to vote at different missions in just over a week

SA expats to vote at different missions in just over a week

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South Africans living abroad will vote at different missions around the world in just over a week. South Africa is among the few countries on the continent, that allows its citizens overseas to participate in elections.

The Electoral Commission (IEC) has been able to increase the voters’ roll of those who will be voting outside the country.

IEC deputy electoral chief officer, Masego Sheburi explains, “We will be opening voting stations in 9 countries on the 17th of May. Those countries are mostly in the Middle East. In the rest of the countries overseas South African citizens abroad will vote on the 18th which is Saturday. Voting stations will open at seven and close at seven in the evening.”

Online registration

The IEC says it has introduced an online registration to enable those who will be voting outside the country to be able to exercise their rights anywhere around the globe.

South Africans living abroad will be casting their ballot in just over a week. There are some countries where South Africans won’t be able to vote due to security reasons.

Sheburi says 78 000 people will be voting by special vote abroad. “We introduced online voter registrations so people can register without having to go the mission…they need to notify us.”