• IEC expects to release election results by Sunday
  • The first result of the 2024 elections has been released from the Bizana Baptist Church in the Eastern Cape
  • With 20 voting districts declared, the ANC still tops the list of votes on the national ballot
  • Gauteng Police say 16 elections-related arrests have been made since the poll date proclamation
  • Counting of ballots continues, albeit slowly, as only 0.57% of Voting Districts have been declared (133 out of 23 293)
  • The majority of voting stations closed late last night due to long queues: IEC
IEC ready for special votes

IEC ready for special votes

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The Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa says special votes will be counted with all the votes that will be cast on Wednesday.

It says preparations for the special votes tomorrow and on Tuesday have been finalised.

The commission’s operations manager, James Aphane, says they will still ensure that the vote stays secret.

“When we count on the 29th together with other ballots from the same area, in other words from the same voting district, firstly we are going to discuss the first envelope; in other words the one that has got details on it and the one without details will be emptied inside the other ballots from the normal voting to make sure that the person who voted via a special vote did really have a right to do so. The reason we do that is that when we count with the rest of the votes in that voting station, we then de-link the particulars of the voter so that the vote remains secret,” says Aphane.

Over 1.6 million people have applied for special votes.

Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal have the most approved applications.

Aphane adds, “We do work closely with our partners that will be political parties on NPLC, they are aware of this project and they are aware of where special votes will be taking place.”

He also elaborates on the presence of political parties and observers.

“We also have observers that will be going with the teams to go to home visits and also be present at voting stations. So at home visits, yes there will be political parties and observers to be able to observe the process. So people will be assisted, those that are visually impaired or that are not stable in terms of being able to write. So there is assistance for those that are unable to vote normally like you and I,” says Aphane.

2024 Elections | Final day for special vote applications, IEC cautions against misinformation

ANC confident it will win May general election

ANC confident it will win May general election

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African National Congress (ANC) National Spokesperson, Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri, says the party is confident that despite challenges, it will win the 2024 general election.

With just over a week until South Africans cast their votes in the general election, the ANC has set out its last-ditch effort to retain its position as the governing party.

During the party manifesto launch, the ANC said the manifesto builds on the achievements of the past 30 years of democracy to tackle the numerous challenges that persist.

Bhengu-Motsiri says the organisation is determined to win the elections.

“The campaign trail on the ground is giving us a very strong message about what our likely showing is going to be and we say this with utmost humility. We are the main party that is visible on the ground, if you look at our campaign trade, look at our ground battle, look at our aerial battle. I mean social media has always been very abuzz, much abuzz about the fact that the ANC, including pollsters, suggesting that the ANC is definitely going to go … some initially at about 30%,” adds Bhengu-Motsiri.

On Tuesday, ANC’s second Deputy Secretary-General, Maropene Ramokgopa said the party was confident it would obtain 90% of the votes in the Mpumalanga province and more than 50% nationally in the upcoming elections.

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DA leader slams ANC cadre deployment for economic hindrance

DA leader slams ANC cadre deployment for economic hindrance

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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen has again criticised the African National Congress (ANC) cadre deployment policy, saying it was preventing the economic progression of towns and industries.

He was speaking at Upington, Northern Cape, at a rally ahead of the May 29th general elections.

Steenhuisen says the DA hopes to win the province for the first time outright or to rule through a coalition.

“Cadre deployment will never end when we leave the ANC to govern. They have wasted money.”


Meanwhile, Steenhuisen says that despite the Northern Cape being rich in minerals, its inhabitants are living in poverty.

The DA is hoping to win control of the province in the May 29th general elections.

Steenhuisen was electioneering in the province and, has urged those attending the party rally in Upington to vote for the DA.

“Upington should be a place that should be a tourist mecca in South Africa. It is in a terrible state because of a lack of investment and infrastructure. The people of the Northern Cape are going to suffer with the worst unemployment rate in the country and we need to do something about it. These elections offer citizens a chance to bring about change in the province.”


SA needs competent leaders to address challenges: Ebrahim Rasool

SA needs competent leaders to address challenges: Ebrahim Rasool

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Former SA Ambassador to the USA, Ebrahim Rasool, says the country needs intellectual leaders who are competent and possess the ability to deal with challenges that currently face the country.

Rasool was delivering the third annual Archbishop Thabo Makgoba Public Lecture at Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape under the theme “Value-Based Leadership”.

The former premier of the Western Cape stresses that these leaders must also be courageous and bold in speaking truth to power.

“I think we both need intellectuals and intellectualism back into our politics. I think South Africa in the last decade or so has slid into anti-intellectualism. We don’t like the debate of ideas or engaging with ideas … a lot of wrong things happen.”

Meanwhile, the Anglican Church, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba says elections allow citizens to exercise their rights, thereby improving their lives.

Former Eastern Cape Sports, Arts and Culture MEC, Neela Hoosain, who was part of the discussion, states that the country needs leaders who will put the interests of citizens first.

“One of the challenges that we are facing is the lack of leaders that still have basic humanity in them and sincerely care that people are struggling. Our leaders have lost all humanity and are more about their own gains and until we go back to the basics of ubuntu, we are going to have the challenges that face our people,” she says.

As they head to the polls, some of the university’s students in attendance maintained that they found the lecture insightful and informative.

They highlighted that through the lecture they were also able to better understand the concept of democracy and how to hold leaders accountable and that transformational leadership is imperative.

Workers must be given time off to cast their votes: NEDLAC

Workers must be given time off to cast their votes: NEDLAC

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The National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) has called on employers to allow workers time off to cast their votes in the 29th of May general elections.

With just 25- days left to the polls, NEDLAC has urged employers offering essential services or requiring staff to be present on election day, to ensure that adequate provisions are made for employees to visit their designated voting stations.

NEDLAC’s Business Convenor Kaizer Moyane says, “It is a public holiday but there are some businesses that will be trading on the 29th- despite it being a public holiday. So, what we are calling on employers to do is to balance the business interest with the human rights, if you like, of the workers that are eligible to vote, to go and cast their vote on the 29th of May. There are practical ways of doing this.”

Moyane adds that if employers resort to docking salaries of workers who went to vote, the employer could be charged with unfair labour practice.

“If an employee was entitled to be off, as in they’re not in essential services, they should be paid for the day, regardless of the nature of the contract. If an employer was to dock their salary, it will be an unfair labour practice and the Department of Labour and the CCMA- will be on the employee’s side in that regard.”

Elections 2024 | NEDLAC calls on employers to allow workers time to cast their vote