DA’s exit from Gauteng GPU unlikely to affect GNU with ANC: Analyst

DA’s exit from Gauteng GPU unlikely to affect GNU with ANC: Analyst

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Political analyst Dr Levy Ndou says it’s unlikely that the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) walking away from the African National Congress (ANC)-led Government of Provincial Unity in Gauteng will affect the two parties working relations at national level.

Currently, the DA is part of the Government of National Unity (GNU) with President Cyril Ramaphosa appointing its leader John Steenhuisen the new Minister of Agriculture.

However, in Gauteng, the DA refused to be part of the GPU, after talks between the two parties hit a snag.

After three weeks of intense discussions to form a government of provincial unity in Gauteng, the executive cabinet for the province was announced on Wednesday with the exclusion of the DA.

However, political analyst Levy Ndou says there’s no need for panic. “The current situation has taught us that the dynamics at national level and provincial level are different. And that is also informed by the performance of the different political parties in those different spheres. I don’t see a negative impact on the national level, based on what has happened in Gauteng because Gauteng has its own dynamics as well as a nation.”

The DA’s decision to shun the Government of Provincial Unity comes as the party feels the options presented to it were unreasonable.

This further prompted the resignation of its Deputy Speaker Refilwe Ntsheke from the Gauteng provincial legislature.

The ANC offered the DA three out of ten MEC positions. However, DA Federal chairperson Helen Zille says that the proposal by the ANC was not a reflection of the 29 May polls.

“And we believe that in a GNU or a GPU in the case of Gauteng, we’re entitled to a proportional reflection on the basis of inclusivity.”

Meanwhile, the Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has encouraged political parties that signed to the GNU to work together, saying they are serving under one government.

“Our priority is South Africa, when we said so help me God or I affirm we were saying our priority is South Africa but not the political parties where you come from. and as we enter cabinet we take off the political party cap we are the government of the Republic of South Africa  and we govern for all.”

Ministers are expected to hit the ground running after taking their oath of office on Wednesday. They will thrash out the country’s action at the Cabinet Lekgotla planned for next Thursday and Friday.

VIDEO | Provincial GNU | Political Analyst Dr Levy Ndou analysis of the Gauteng cabinet:

SACP vows to hold all new government officials accountable

SACP vows to hold all new government officials accountable

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South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary Solly Mapaila says they will hold all newly appointed government officials accountable in the 7th administration.

His comments follow President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cabinet announcement on Sunday, which saw six Democratic Alliance (DA) Ministers and Deputy Ministers being appointed into government.

The SACP has been opposed to a Government of National Unity involving the DA.

Mapaila says no political party will be allowed to reverse the gains of democracy.

He says, “As far as these Cabinet Ministers from other parties, this is a Government of National Unity, we’ll hold the entire government accountable, even against mass mobilisation that we have outlined here. We dare say there shall be no Minister who thinks that they can reverse the gains of our democracy and that they will be left unchallenged by the Communist Party. We will never allow that thing to happen. That’s for sure.”

ANC shouldn’t have gone into GNU with DA included: Mapaila

ANC shouldn’t have gone into GNU with DA included: Mapaila

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The SACP has described the new Government of National Unity (GNU) as the most difficult period the country has entered.

The SACP briefed the media on Monday on its three-day central committee meeting that took place over the weekend. The briefing comes on the backbone of Sunday’s national executive announcement which saw the DA being allocated six ministerial and deputy ministerial positions.

SACP General Secretary Solly Mapaila says the ANC must do all it can to reverse the electoral decline it suffered at the 29 May polls.

“At the moment one may say we’ve reached a point of stalemate, in other words a party with a below 25% election vote can hold such great sway in the general political posture of government. That’s why we believe that we should not even have considered them, we should have pulled together a different coordination.”

7th Administration | SACP reacts to new GNU Cabinet

Ramaphosa accuses the DA of shifting “goalposts” in GNU negotiations

Ramaphosa accuses the DA of shifting “goalposts” in GNU negotiations

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has lashed out at the Democratic Alliance (DA) saying that he believes the party has jeopardized the foundation of setting up the Government of National Unity (GNU) negotiations.

Ramaphosa made the comments in a final written letter to DA leader Jonh Steenhuisen regarding the latest Cabinet negotiations.

This is as negotiations between the DA and the African National Congress (ANC) are believed to have reached a stalemate over the Department of Trade and Industry portfolio.

Ramaphosa has further accused the DA of shifting “goalposts” by demanding that the ANC give the party two more portfolios, which would bring the Cabinet positions to eight.

Meanwhile, the DA will hold a Special Federal Executive (Fedex) meeting later on Thursday to deliberate on the ANC’s proposed plan for the sharing of Cabinet Ministers.

According to a letter seen by SABC News, the ANC has proposed to give the DA six Cabinet Ministers and seven deputy ministers. The DA is reportedly rejecting the ANC’s proposal, and the party’s Fedex will decide whether to pull out of the GNU or not.

DA Federal Council Chairperson Helen Zille had earlier written to the ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula stating the party wants the Deputy President position or the Minister in the Presidency.

The DA also wants critical economic ministries, including governance, social protection, communications and internal relations.

DA Leader John Steenhuisen held a one-on-one meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier this week, where the two parties tried to negotiate a deal.

Professor Sethulego Matebesi from the University of the Free State comments on current stalemate:


ANC Veterans League slams decision around Kodwa becoming MP

ANC Veterans League slams decision around Kodwa becoming MP

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The ANC Veterans League has criticised the swearing-in of ANC NEC member Zizi Kodwa to Parliament earlier this week stating that it is incomprehensible.

In a letter addressed to ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula, the Veterans League SG Ilva Langa says the decision by the party to allow Kodwa to be sworn in as an MP, is nothing but a misapplication of the step-aside rule.

This is as Kodwa, who is facing corruption charges involving R1.7 million, was released on R30 000 bail after he was implicated in state capture.

Langa says the Veterans League will be proposing that the step-aside guideline be reviewed.

He adds that Kodwa’s personal interests should not be put above that of the ANC.

COSATU reacts to Zizi Kodwa being sworn in as a Member of Parliament: Matthew Parks