Contralesa urges voters to exercise their rights
A woman wearing a protective mask casts her vote.
Image Credits : Reuters


The Congress of Traditional Leaders in South Africa has called on all eligible voters to go out and cast their votes tomorrow.

Millions of South Africans will make their mark in the general elections on Wednesday.

Congress’s President Kgoshi Lameck says, “We want to call upon all of them to stop intimidating people or forcing people to do what you think is good for you. People have got a choice to vote for the organization of their own choice.”

“We want to make a humble request to all organizations to say please can we give people a chance to exercise their own right to vote for the organisation of their own choice. Let’s not force people, let’s not disrupt this process because if you feel you don’t have any interest of many South Africans you have no interest in this elections,” adds Lameck.

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