Limpopo ANC welcomes over 1000 former EFF members
File image: African National Congress (ANC) supporters at the party’s rally
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The African National Congress (ANC) in Limpopo says it has welcomed over 1000 former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members.

This comes as the country gears up for the general elections on May 29.

Former EFF Limpopo chairperson Jossey Buthane, who recently rejoined the ANC, says their departure from the party stems from their discontent with the party’s national leadership.

Politics expert Ricky Mukonza says this is not a good sign.

Mukonza says, “It doesn’t inspire confidence for both the other members who are left in the EFF and more importantly for fence sitters because we must remember that there are some potential voters who are undecided at this point in time. Those are unlikely to be attracted to the EFF.”

PODCAST: The full interview with Mukonza on EFF members defecting to the ANC

-Reporting by Zihle Mdanyana.

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