Zuma launches MK Party manifesto, says black community yet to be free
Former President Jacob Zuma at a MK Party event.
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Umkhonto Wesizwe (MK) party leader Jacob Zuma has told black people that they can only stop their suffering in South Africa through uniting to produce a two thirds majority vote for the MK Party at the May polls.

He addressed party members and supporters at the launch of the party’s election manifesto at the packed Orlando Stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg.

The party is one of the new entrants in the 2024 May polls, that is being described as a crucial election in a climate where South Africans are looking for solutions to a number of socio-economic challenges in the country.

Zuma says when you reflect on the socio-economic challenges, the black community is yet to be free.

“When we speak of unemployment, it’s black people. When we speak of living in shacks, it us. When you want jobs , you have to travel far,you earn little, you must take care of your home here and your home back home.”

Elections 2024 | MK Party launches its manifesto: Canny Maphanga reports:

Zuma, has also bemoaned Members of Parliament for what he has called their lack of care for the plight of ordinary South Africans. Zuma says the legislators in the country do not prioritise the interests of the citizens but are simply happy to occupy positions.

“Many of the people you vote for, you have only given them jobs. They don’t care about you. They just want to go to parliament. Even when they are in parliament, they don’t talk about the struggles we face. They just discuss their own matters. The only thing I hear them say, I’ve never heard them say anything else. A person stands up and says “point of order! Point of order!” what does that help us with? It doesn’t help us with anything.”

MK Party Elections 2024 Manifesto launch:

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