• IEC expects to release election results by Sunday
  • The first result of the 2024 elections has been released from the Bizana Baptist Church in the Eastern Cape
  • With 20 voting districts declared, the ANC still tops the list of votes on the national ballot
  • Gauteng Police say 16 elections-related arrests have been made since the poll date proclamation
  • Counting of ballots continues, albeit slowly, as only 0.57% of Voting Districts have been declared (133 out of 23 293)
  • The majority of voting stations closed late last night due to long queues: IEC
IEC comfortable with overseas voting controls: Mamabolo
IEC is prepared for voting to take place in 111 foreign missions
Image Credits : IEC


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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says it is comfortable with the controls it has put in place with regards to voting abroad.

This weekend more than 76 000 voters living outside the country are expected to cast their votes for the 2024 general elections.

Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo outlines the process after voting has taken place.

“All such special votes are first placed in an unmarked envelope which is then inserted into a second envelope marked with the voting station and the voter’s particulars for verification on the list of approved special votes. The envelope is then placed into a secure ballot box and then transported into the country. All special votes that were cast outside of the republic must reach the head office of the Electoral Commission by 9 pm on the date of the election and counting of those ballots will take place in front of party agents and observers.”

The Commission says that the international segment of the voters’ roll has approximately 56.6 voters but after the approval of over 20 000 applications by citizens of their intention to vote abroad, the total number of voters expected to vote this weekend is just over 76 600.

Mamabolo says that the Commission is prepared for voting to take place in 111 foreign missions.

“All missions have already received the election materials, which include ballot papers, voting booths, ballot boxes, envelopes and a voters list. Voting stations will open from 7 to 7 pm allowing 76 580 voters to exercise their right to vote in South Africa’s 2024 National elections”. On both voting days abroad the Electoral Commission will keep extended hours to assist voters with any inquiries.”

The IEC has clarified that missions with a work week from Sunday to Thursday will vote on Friday the 17th while missions which are open Monday to Friday will vote on Saturday the 18th of May.

IEC ready for 76 000 citizens to vote at 111 foreign missions: Mawethu Mosery


Nine missions fall into the former category with one hundred and two being in the latter totaling the 111 missions where expatriates will vote.

The IEC says that given the high numbers of expected voters in London at just over 24 000, this voting station will operate on the 18th and 19th of May.

Mamabolo explains what expatriate voters can expect in the ballot booth.

“Any person who votes outside the bounds of the Republic only votes on the national to national ballot, similarly persons who are voting outside of their province of registration via Section 24A notice also receive one ballot. In other words, if I am Sy Mamabolo registered in Centurion. But on election day, I am voting in Polokwane, Limpopo, then I can’t influence the election of the people registered in Limpopo. I can only vote on the national ballot.”

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